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Vedic Metallers, RUDRA to release seventh album, RTA in October, Preorder started

Singapore's Vedic Metal act, RUDRA to release their seventh studio album RTA on 14th Oct. 2013 via Sonic Blast Media. The album is again a concept album as their previous six releases, and consist of six track. Album is now available for preorder with some offers. Read more to know what band's Vinod, guitarist and Kathir,frontman/bassist. Check end of the article for tracklist and album art with album teaser.

Legends in Asian Metal circuit, Rudra evolved from a humble death metal band in 1992 to the 'founders' of a new metal genre called Vedic Metal. With a history of over two decades and six full-length albums; the music of Rudra can best be characterized as a bridge between the east and the west: incorporating Indian traditional music, Sanskrit chants and mantras into death/black metal. Band calls it Epic Vedic metal.

Fuelled with a richer production as compared to the previous albums, RTA, aims to capture the emotive aspects of music as it retells stories of anguish, sorrow and courage through various musical elements and instruments from different cultures and countries which epitomises the Sanskrit epic, Ramayana such as the metallic sounds of the Javanese Gamelan from Indonesia.

Rudra’s RTA, continues in the same theme to the successful Brahmavidya trilogy; as a concept album; set to the legendary Sanskrit epic, Ramayana, a 2,000 year old poem that has travelled far beyond the shores of its origin.

"Recording of the new album (RTA) has been personally the most memorable in terms of effort and working with my band mates. It is about the feel and atmosphere to depict the right mood for every part of the songs. I am now looking forward to perform the whole album live", says Vinod, guitarist for Rudra.

"This album is the most unique of all Rudra albums. The song writing process started out as a study of Valmiki’s Ramayana to intuitively feel the story’s emotions. We reflected on it before writing the songs. Every song is loaded with multiple emotions. Never have we ever written an album using this approach", adds bassist/ vocalist Kathir.

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